Crime and Human Rights Violation - Essay Example

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Crime and Human Rights Violation

Although some of them would enter such competition voluntarily for the prize money or prestige, majority of them could not refuse for being slaves or prisoners stripped of rights granted to other human beings. Albert Camus, the mid-20th century philosopher, discoursed in “The Rebel” (Camus 6) the illogical defense of violation of human rights by the holder of power. No one can question the atrocities and genocide committed before the start of the Common Era. But it would seem absurd that such acts were committed by people in power in modern times when people are expected to act and behave with civility. Camus might had been exasperated and disappointed with the turn of events in modern society since the powerless majority are subjected under the control of the authority expected to protect the people but nevertheless becomes the oppressor and tyrant. The discourses and politico-philosophical essays of Camus might be rooted to his family and childhood experiences (Albert Camus pars. 4-6). He grew up in a poor family and in an impoverished environment. He also experienced a hard life during the war. He was a socialist all throughout his life but an anti-communist. ...
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ID No. Class Title Date Crime and Human Rights Violation Atrocities were committed by man against humanity since time immemorial. Historical accounts are replete with mass killing of people, some of them done by organized military or militia groups and others initiated by rulers and leaders themselves…
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