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Problem of Free Will

Incompatibilist argue that an action is not voluntary and originated and reject any involvement of an external force in causation of such action. This means that an individual is responsible for their actions, and have the will to act without interference from an external force. As Hobbes expounds, this is senseless speech and erroneous reasoning that may lead to contention and sedition or contempt (Kow, 3). From Hobbes’ assertions, free will is an illusion and not a reality; determinism therefore best explains that which characterizes the lives and actions of individuals. Rickaby (2) argues that one of Hobbes assertions was great resistant and warning against rhetoric talks that may lead to erroneous reasoning considering free will. The quote “I can; if I will” was criticized by Hobbes as erroneous reasoning and that is not worthy to mislead individuals. The main issue is that free will is not a reality and life is determined by external forces that are responsible for causation of events. Nothing begins from itself but from an action of some other immediate agent without itself. ...
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Name: Date: Class: Problem of Free will Hobbes in explanation of free will remarked that “while he says this; if I be free to write this discourse, I have obtained the cause; I deny that to be true for it is enough to his freedom of writing that he had not written it unless he would himself” an action is voluntary if it is in accord the agent embraced desires and is not compelled by an external force…
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