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Daoism, which can also be spelled Taoism, is an ancient Chinese philosophy based primarily on the human experience on change and transformation in human bodies and in relation to the world around them.


This path of life requires that believers recognize their falsities in a manner that is not judgmental ultimately requiring that followers immensely understand their true self away from prejudices. The form of study believes that the constant apprentice should tap into their ordinary nature by being socially responsible by continuously practicing rituals while undertaking a practice of self cultivation for health and spiritual advancement. This paper will express the validity authors have concluded about Daoism and its approach to philosophy. Daoism is not a stagnant philosophy, but it may be considered ever changing, sprouting, growing and a scrambling composite of trunk, branches and stems reaching in many directions. According to Robin R. Wang, Daoism: An Introduction, the trunk can be likened to the think trunk as it is the practice of life-prolonging techniques which nourishes life and learning to be true people who go through bodily and spiritual changes. Wang goes on to say that the branches are akin to regional lineages and its numerous communities over time. The stems of Daoism can be summed up as the seeker attempting to find oneness with the power that can transform their being. The stems differ from other traditions as Daoism suggests that all major lineages are linked in some way to a sacred mountain (Wang, 242-243). ...
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