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Existence Perceive Essence

The question of what is the essence of human existence has got many answers offered by different philosophers, writers, scientists, psychologists, etc. However, no one knows which answer is correct, if there is any at all. The aim of the paper is to analyze three different existential literary works, namely, Albert Camus’s The Stranger, Christopher Hitchens’s Letters to a Young Contrarian, and Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. These three authors have different writing styles. Moreover, the periods they lived or live are different and, hence, their world-views and philosophical interpretation of the purpose of human existence differ too. However, these three authors have one characteristic in common, which is the fact that they are existentialists. Everyone as Potential Stranger to Society: Interpretive Analysis of Camus’s The Stranger Albert Camus’s The Stranger (L’Etranger) was written in 1938 and published in 1942. Meursault, an anti-hero, often has to make choices. This fact is very important in the idea of existentialism. Meursault does not have a set of values a normal human being has. He does not believe in God. Furthermore, murdering of a person without any motive for that shows him as some abnormal creature. ...
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Existence Perceive Essence Introduction Purposefulness of human existence, an interdependence between a human being and a god, role of destiny in the perpetual flow of events, connections between a society and an individual, existence of human soul and superpower have always been themes of great interest to people…
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