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Read the Book Cures by Martin Duberman

In this text, the writer documents his own struggle with his personalized homophobia between 1948 and 1973 when he ultimately manages to become successful, attaining his own freedom as a forthrightly gay person via his engagement with political activism. This is a wonderful book that gives a clear insight into the life of self-confessed gay person, as well as giving us a view of how life is for such persons. On reading the book, I definitely liked every bit of it as it is a reality that most people fear to face, though an emotional one. The writer, first a very bright student, who later became a recognized historian, a successful author and a creative tutor. His remarkable predilection for academic success serves as a harbor away from his libido’s temptation and also as a fortification from his own psyche given to self-hatred and self-doubt when he is not filled with the duty of completing all the several projects at once (34-78). Eventually, after about twenty years of indifferent failed attempts at relinquishing his homosexuality, we find that be becomes successful, attaining his own freedom as a forthrightly gay person largely via his engagement with political activism. ...
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Name and name Read the book cures by Martin duberman Martin Dubermans’ “Cures: A Gay Mans Odyssey” is a classic account of his growing up as a gay person in pre-Stonewall United States. This is a story of his fraught and desperate attempt of curing himself of the homosexuality via psychotherapy, and is deeply emotional and very frank…
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