The Problem of Evil in a Divinely Created Reality

The Problem of Evil in a Divinely Created Reality Essay example
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Name Professor's Name Subject Date The problem of evil in divinely created reality There is a constant arguing concerning the issue of evil in divinely created reality. The main discussion concerns the issues of pain and suffering. On the one hand, God is almighty and he is the Creator of all humans and non-humans.


So, why do animals should feel pain and suffering? Why humans have to feel pain and suffering, even if their grand grandmother Eve was tempted by the Devil and now other people have to pay for her sins? Is God so cruel that he cannot forgive and forget? Why did he create a divine world, full of glory and bless if it is accessible only for those people, who did not make any sins? Evil is juxtaposition to deity. If there was no evil, people would not be able to compare it with the goodness or deity. Moreover, God created Heaven and Hell, life on the Earth and afterlife. There is an evident binary development of divine reality. Moreover, there are two types of evil: moral and physical. When committing a moral evil, a human being is committing it willfully (abortion, theft, murder etc); when committing physical evil, a human being commits it in the result of natural harm (such as famine, illness etc). The question is what for God created morally ill people or people, who are able to act in a morally evil way (Rachels and Rachels, 2008). Still, humans make their choice themselves. Moral evil is not instilled into people by God. God gives humans an opportunity to make a choice whether to commit evil or not; it is a test for morality and spiritual obedience. Therefore, moral evil is the result of our choice and it is another side of free will. ...
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