Philosophy - Human Freedom

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Name Course name Instructor’s name Date of submission Human Freedom Introduction Freedom can be defined as self determination, and the condition of minimal constraint. Generally, there has to be some constraints in a community or society, the thief can never have the freedom to steal, the thug can never have the freedom to mug and the businessman can never and the businessman can never have the freedom to extremely pollute and pay no taxes.


However, this formal agreement known as the law or the legal system and it is steadily and constantly developing and changing as the new circumstances and situations arise. (Sections of this law, normally those that deal with human rights, are actually less changeable and some times are referred to as constitutions.) Therefore, our constitution is defined and supported by the legal systems. A general fallacy the regard freedom is to automatically believe that it is a by-product of the modern democracy. The only freedom practically bestowed by democracy on its members is that they have the right, that is, every few years to cast their votes for one of a set of the representatives who will administer or run the nation on their behalf. Whereas modern democracy is an essential basis for free societies, it necessarily doesn’t guarantee freedom. The fact that job falls to the legal system, which isn’t greatly influenced by the periodic voting, is the reason why freedom campaigns always involve legal challenges. ...
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