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Philosophy - Social Justice

This is because the definitions vary basing on a variety of factors, like political factors, religion, and the social philosophy. From a postmodernist point of view, one can get a definition that is only a concept that may never be practical anywhere in life. In general, Boylan (p. 91) writes that social justice is more of equal justice, not only in the judicial system, but in all other aspects of the society. From this concept, we can say that social justice demands equal rights and opportunities for everyone regardless of the social status. Therefore, we can sum up by saying that social justice is an idea which involves fashioning a society or an institution basing on the principles of equality and solidarity. This system understands the values of human rights with recognition of every individual’s dignity. Generally, social justice bases on the concepts of human rights and equality. It also involves economic egalitarianism. This is through progressive taxation, and redistribution of property and income. Through such policies, it is easier to attain equality in opportunity, hence creation of outcome equality. ...
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Instructor: Social justice Introduction ` In most socialist countries, there are instances of poverty accruing because of unequal distribution of wealth and natural resources. From such examples, some philosophers argue that it is not practical to have a clearly just society, in which all people have equal chances in all…
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