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The Impact Of Civil Disobedience And The Use Of Morality And Justice To Support The Civil Rights And Occupy Movements - Essay Example

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The Impact Of Civil Disobedience And The Use Of Morality And Justice To Support The Civil Rights And Occupy Movements

In addition, personal views on the subject shall be made in support of civil disobedience and occupy movements (Geschwender, 66). As such, the fantasy theme technique of analysis will be used to analyze so of the occupy movements in the contemporary society in America. Specifically, it has been noted that the right to civil disobedience means that the system should exhibit lenience to civil disobedient movements not just because the movements are right, but when they are rationally misunderstood in their views. On one hand, this is unlike the typical laissez-faire perception based on which the right to civil disobedience implication that everybody should show tolerance to civil disobedient people, however destructive in their action. According to Dworkin, a famous proponent of the ordinary open-minded perception, a principle of civil disobedience has to be responsive to the kind of assurances the movements have and insensate to the logicality of these assurances. On his perspective in making decisions on issues like, as whether to penalize rebellious movements, it is pertinent to inquire whether the assurances are integrity-based, justice-based, or policy-based (Geschwender, 71). Nevertheless, the reliability or irrelevance of these assurances is not significant. ...
Risking retribution, like violent in reprisal acts or detention, they try to show transformations in the law. In the contemporary society, civil disobedience has been utilized in such occasions like street protests, marches, the occupying of buildings, and strikes among other economic opposition (Becker, L. & Becker, 69). The rationale behind civil disobedience dates back to conventional and biblical foundations. Probably, its most prominent exhibition is established in Henry David Thoreau's On the Duty of Civil Disobedience (1849), whereby he asserts that a being, who gives the government its authority in the first place, should adhere to the orders of ethics in contrasting unjust laws (Ginsberg & Miller-Cribbs, 27). Thoreau's writing had a massive influence on Mohandas Gandhi and the methods that were utilized, first to attain Indian rights in South Africa, and later to win independence for India. Gandhi founded the idea of Satyagraha (meaning: holding to truth), acts of civil disobedience associated with Indian virtues and his personal high moral statutes as well as a sense of integrity. He attracted a huge number of supporters through the use of an efficient opinionated tool and played a major role in establishing the British view to end colonial rule of Gandhi’s homeland. The belief and techniques of civil disobedience have been embraced by Quakers and other sacred movements, the British labor movement, suffragists, feminists, adherents of prohibition, pacifists and other war resisters, followers of the less privileged, and a wide range of other dissidents. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the most exceptional doctrinaire and founder of civil disobedience in the United States (Ginsberg & Miller-Cribbs, 60). He was on the ...Show more


Name: Professor: Course: Date: The impact of Civil Disobedience and the use of morality and justice to support the Civil Rights and Occupy Movements In this article, the main focus will be on the views held about the effect of civil disobedience and the use of morality justice to support civil rights and occupy movements…
Author : nicolahand
The Impact Of Civil Disobedience And The Use Of Morality And Justice To Support The Civil Rights And Occupy Movements essay example
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