Master Morality And Slave Morality

Master Morality And Slave Morality Essay example
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Master morality and slave morality Nietzsche’s views about morality often highlight the clash between master morality and slave morality and the history of morals is the conflicts of these two moral viewpoints. Nietzsche had identified the presence of these two morals which are common among the higher civilizations.


In master morality “bad” stands for “lowly”, “despicable” and it refers to people who are inconsequential and cowardly. In Nietzsche’s opinion, “bad” always concerns the idea of what is useful and never concentrates what is grant or great. On the other hand, Nietzsche established his ideology of good and bad based on persons and their actions. The doctrine of master morality constitutes the theory that the master generates value. Nietzsche introduces slave morality as a counter treatment against master morality and mentions that slave morality begins when Master morality is rejected. Slave morality always promotes the ‘nay- saying’ people and their attitudes. If the characteristics of a person are ‘evil,’ the better thing is its absence in a person’s life. In contrasting Master or noble morality, slave morality at all times encourages unassuming nature and patience. In addition, it is obvious that slave morality give confidence, the human virtues such as kindness, sympathy and humility among the people. Analyzing Nietzsche’s views about good and bad, one can come across some distinctions in their acceptance. ...
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