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Fahrenheit 9/11 - Essay Example

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The documentary film, Fahrenheit 9/11, brings into focus some of the issues that were overlooked in the occurrence of the terrorist bomb attacks and the consequent invasion of Iraq by the United States. The film was released in 2004 by Michael Moore as its director. It won many accolades as an incisive and analytical literary piece. In its discourse, the documentary adopted incisive evaluation of America’s happenings in the period leading to the terrorist attacks together with the war that followed in Iraq. This paper is an argumentative easy which is in conformity with the argument asserted in the documentary that the twin tower bombing and the subsequent invasion of Iraq were part of a planned conspiracy by influential persons in America’s political leadership. The documentary claims that in the then Bush’s administration, the leadership was in effective and incompetent in terms of governance issues. It was compromised and was not acting in the best interests of Americans. The first evidence from the movie that shows incompetence on Bush’s style of leadership was in the fact that he did not react when the country was hit the first time. He continued his trip which entailed reading stories to small kids in school. It was only after the country was hit the second time that he reacted (Fahrenheit 9/11). ...
In addition, it is hardly unimaginable that the security forces could have let the security of two aircrafts to be compromised without getting noticed. In view of that, it is conclusive to insinuate that for the success of the terrorist’s attacks, they had to get assistance from parties within America’s leadership. In the discourse of leadership in the country, the hierarchy is in such a way that only influential people within the political leadership are able to give information on vital aspects of the country. Therefore, it is undeniable that the only people that might have aided the terrorists in their acts were influential people in the then Bush’s administration. This confirms the fact that the Bush’s administration in their quest for individual gains cared less about the interests of the wider American citizenry. The September attacks were part of a conspiracy which was aimed at fueling a war which would serve the interests of the influential people in leadership at the time. The movie talks of building a pipeline from Afghanistan through the India Ocean to the United States. The intention was to exploit the oil rich Middle East countries. The purported war could have been a cover up for the ill intentions of the people in leadership at the time. As the movie notes, amongst the people who were recruited to join the military and fight in the war, most of them were from the less economically well families in America. The documentary in some way highlights the imminent divides that exist in the society. What usually happens is that the rich use their influence and position and take advantage of the poor. In the war in Iraq, for instance, those who were largely taken as recruits were from poor families. In the end, the persons who were to gain ...Show more


The historic twin tower bombing that happened in the United States changed the course of history. The attacks were attributed to acts of terrorism sponsored by the dreaded Al Qaeda. The leader of the terror group was Osama Bin Laden. …
Author : carolynegerlach
Fahrenheit 9/11
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