Is There Such a Thing as International Law in the World Today

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Your name Course name Course Instructor Date of Submission Is there such a thing as international law in the world today? Introduction International law can be defined as a set of laws generally accepted as binding between different states and nations. It is a little different from national legal systems because it deals with nations and states and not private citizens like the former.


Additionally, treaties like the Geneva Conventions may at times require the conformity of national law (De Boer 2001). The implication of this is that there is a world order that all countries abide to but with no clearly drafted international laws that ought to be followed by all nation states. Additionally, certain issues like homosexuality, differences in political ideologies and gender discrimination prevent international laws from achieving legitimacy. International law therefore is a set of laws formed by international treaties, customs, and other organizations that govern the relations between or among different sovereign nations. Here, the international customs refer to the customs that have evolved over centuries. Treaties and international agreements on the other hand are agreements among different nation states. The international organizations and conferences are mainly composed of different sovereign nation states and are normally bound by a treaty, for instance the 1980 Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods (CISG). ...
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