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Badiou's Versus Levina's Works

There are some of the differences and similarities between Badiou’s and Levina’s thinking. Badiou holds the view that philosophy is based on four fundamental conditions that include: art, science, politics and love. Each of these four conditions is fully independent from the other as ‘truth procedures’. Badiou insists that philosophy has to avoid a situation where it will be in a position to give its whole intellectual endeavors to any of the truth procedures a situation referred to as suturing. If by any chance this is allowed to occur (which was the mainly the case during the 19th and the 20th centuries), the outcome that results from it is what he referred to as a ‘philosophical disaster’. Hence according to Badiou’s thinking, philosophy is a way of thinking concerning the compossibility of the said truth procedures through investigating the relations between the unique truth procedures. For instance, the relation between art and love in the case of a novel or it may be done through the more conventionally philosophical role, whereby the categories are addressed such as truth or subject (Barker 64). ...
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Name: Course: Institution: Lecturer: Date: Badiou’s versus Levina’s works Alain Badiou’s work does not advance our understanding of ethics beyond that of Emmanuel Levina’s. Alain Badiou and Emmanuel Levina both have presented rival versions on the topic of ethics but both of this two philosophers work has the similarity of breaking the most of the philosophical idioms that have existed in the 20th century…
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