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Is there an afterlife and what would be required for an afterlife

Death has been considered the only certain thing in life. There is even consensus to the effect that a number of changes take place during the transition from life to death, which therefore follows that changes making up life are distinct from those making up survival. In distinguishing these two varying changes, we can give a number of personal identity criteria through time to explain death (Baillie, 1993). First, we can use a criterion that has been popularized by Hume, Plato and a multiplicity of world religions. According to this criterion, human beings are either immaterial souls or even pure egos (Hume, 1739). This can be construed to mean that human beings possess the physical bodies only on a contingent basis and therefore not a necessity as far as living (in this life and the afterlife) is concerned. This being the case therefore, it is proper to argue that human being continues to live even after death. If anything their bodies are contingent and not necessarily a must-have in their living and especially their afterlife (Ayer, 2006). The second criterion has to do with the claim that a human being has two distinct components namely a body and a mind. ...Show more


Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Is there an afterlife and what would be required for an afterlife Personal identity is best looked on as “all that makes one who he or she is. (Baillie 1993).” In this case, it might be his/her body, mind, memories, personalities, or anything else…
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