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Theodicy and the Free Will Defense

This paper deems to tackle the concepts revolving around theodicy and free will; this also aims to know whether the free will defense meet all the three criteria for an effective theodicy. Free Will Human free will and freely chosen good actions are of high value, even though free will opens up the possibility of evil (Pinnock 5). Furthermore, as guided by the definition of freedom, free will or free act is an act that is not determined casually in any way by one’s genetic makeup, by one’s environment or even by God (Pinnock 5). Likewise, every free person is possibly sinful and free to choose evil; thus, given the independence of human freedom from divine control, it is obviously impossible for God to guarantee that individuals will always freely choose to do what is morally noble (Pinnock 5). In simple terms, Pinnock implied that free will is considered as a key justification to evil (4). Individuals deem that they have free will if they view themselves as agents capable of influencing the world in a variety of ways (Kane 5). Moreover, persons feel that it is up to them what they will choose and how they will act and this means they could have chosen and acted otherwise (Kane 5). ...Show more


Name Professor Philosophy Date Theodicy and the Free Will Defense Theodicy as defined by Pinnock (5) seeks to know the actual reasons why God permits evil. Likewise, Birnbaum defined theodicy as the accepted name for the entire subject comprising the problem of evil and its attempted resolution (3)…
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