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Name Professor Course Date Engineering ethics An evaluation of the nuclear weaponry security, the leading methodical consultant at the Ministry of Defense discovered that security issues were compartmentalized (Hubbard 127). This situation implied that there arose a need for an overview of the entire USS Mazeltov and engineering system.


As an engineer, the general security of the trident plan needs to be reviewed. Contemplation is usually provided to the nuclear cycle from uranium extraction to neutralizing and waste storage. This consideration should be carried out as a community and to decommission the threats and effects of leading mishaps involved with nuclear missiles or submarine vessels. The following paper will look into past and current nuclear submarine mishaps that have paved way for nuclear weaponry overviews that analyze, provide evidence and recommend leaders on nuclear matters that involve engineering and security of the entire global community (Pfatteicher 2). The ex-Soviet Union (Komsomolets) In reference to particular submarine nuclear incidences, the community and department of defense will offer support to the creation of awareness on the impacts of these mishaps (Wallace, Wendy and Project Staff 1992). On April 7, 1989, an inferno began onboard the nuclear-motorized submarine, the Komsomolets. In spite of the effort of the crew on board to stop the fire, the inferno grew to a point that was out of control. The submarine descended to a deepness of 5,500 feet, whilst off the Northern coast of Norway, 125 miles from the mainland. A crew of sixty-none men passed away. ...
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