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Ideology and Politics: Views into Bending Principles - Essay Example


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Ideology and Politics: Views into Bending Principles

Ideology is defined as a systematic body of concepts especially about human and culture and also as the integrated assertions, theories and aims that constitute a political, social and economic program (Merriam-Webster 435-36). From this definition is an understanding that ideologies are made as guiding principle for a systematic way of living and co-existing with other people. Ideals are culture-bound norms as I would like to put it, were not formulated by one person alone but in consensus with the community to lead and set boundaries away from prejudice and misjudgment. The principle of ideals depends on the understanding of the group of accepting common rules. Politics, on the other hand, is guided by the constitution as its ideology of guidance to ensure proper making, promulgations, and propagations of the laws made for public good. Moreover, constitution defined as the basic principles and laws of a nation, state, or social group that determine the powers and duties of the government and guarantee certain rights to the people in it (Merriam-Webster 190). Changes is what keeps people to improve otherwise we would not have survived series of environmental changes if we don’t know how to adapt and cope up with these changes. The continuous adaptation of man is a contradiction to the excerpts from principle of Rand Paul- "NO IDEOLOGY SURVIVES THE COLLISION WITH REAL WORLD POLITICS PERFECTLY INTACT. GENERAL PRINCIPLES HAVE TO BEND TO ACCOMMODATE THE COMPLEXITIES OF HISTORY (Ross)." Ideologies

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Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Writer Inserts Date Here (Day, Month, Year) Definition essay on Ideology The word Ideology can be generally defined as ‘a system of ideas that explains and lends legitimacy to actions and beliefs of a social, religious, political, or corporate entity.’ Different philosophers and ideologists have defined the term in different manner, like: 1.
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If a society comes up with ideas to-do something and an agreement is made, then that is what is termed as ideology. Ideology may either offer changes in the society or offer closeness where confrontations exist. Ideology can exist in many ways, one as an instrument of social reproduction.
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In this manner, the Human Beings are considered as the dominant group and the Others are people who are considered as the oppressed or the lower class group. In this state, inequality is served by the borderline created between these two groups. After differentiating the Human Beings from the Others, the idea of exploiting the Others will then be established as an acceptable act.
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I perceive that I am biologically a woman, but the assumptions I then make that certain roles and relations are more suitable for me than others is the result of my having been socialised into the dominant ideology of my society. My assumptions, and the socialisation of which they are a function, are unconscious because of the invisible nature of ideology itself.
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The relationship between culture, ideology, and politics
In this state, inequality is served by the borderline created between these two groups. After differentiating the Human Beings from the Others, the idea of
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It contains elements of logic, fact, information, and knowledge.  Idea usually has traces of modification (to the situation, weather to improve or to make
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Individuals who hold these views usually look down on other people and their countries, see them as inferior and should bow down in their presence. A key example of such an individual is Adolf Hitler. He was the chancellor of Germany from 1934 to 1945. He believed in
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As a linguistics teacher, I have experienced a lot of prejudice from the school administration. I got to this stance after doing survey and noticing the manner in which people are not appreciative of the teaching
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Ideology in modern politics
The author states that political ideologies are founded on the normative perspective of politics. Normative questions include such interpretations as to whether social value systems are reflected in political policy or political actors are exercising moral judgments, as aligned with the people’s view of morality, when constructing policy and legislation.
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Post-enlightenment, therefore, broadly refers to the end of this enlightenment period that begun at the end First World War. It marks an end of the Age of Reason or ‘Universal Reason' as some term it. Some philosophers call this Post-enlightenment period ‘post-modernism' since it refers to the negation of all the Enlightenment ideals and values.
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as guide are never permanent. The American constitution for example according to Hamilton contained compromises, obscurities, and imperfections. Furthermore he said that because we are imperfect humans, the Constitution is an “organic” document that, due to our fallibilities, allows room for its correction (2010). Politics is never constant, ideals in politics are somewhat a cliche and needs no argument as I would like to think a veteran politician would define it. The ever changing condition and needs of men leads to different ideas and strategies that the government needs to focus upon according to the level of urgency. The phrase seems to be missing the point of going through changes and sticking to the old ways we used to have since the start of civilization. The laws are from ideals of collaboration from wise men in consensus with the nation and are made from their discretion of what is accountable for the greater good of their constituents. Therefore if these document that were made hundreds of years ago remained untouched and unbreakable till this very minute, goes with my rational conclusion that half of the world will be stripped off their rights and are still slaves to the other half based only on the preference of their color. The ideologies of yesterday never come in clash with what we have today even in politics, as we evolve our ideals goes with this vital process. These ideals and principles adapt to the current situation we are faced. The discretion of what is acceptable or not acceptable lies on the concept of now and should not be based on what already happened. Giving as an example is the right of women, before women were not given the right of having electoral positions but with the realization over time on the importance of women and their impact on the society, changes were decided and made for the betterment. Now women shares equal rights with men regardless of their color and status


Name Professor Psychology 11 December 2011 Ideology and Politics: Views into Bending Principles The complexities of humanity stand in his every work and the frailties was never seen as a hinder rather a driving force that pushed him forward towards every milestone or achievements…
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Ideology and Politics: Views into Bending Principles essay example
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