Advances in Biomedicine and the Possibility of the Manipulation of Human Existence - Assignment Example

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Advances in Biomedicine and the Possibility of the Manipulation of Human Existence

Furthermore, this means that health-related matters are routinely objectified as technical problems to be solved through the application of technology and the conduct of science and are therefore decontextualized into practice (Lock & Nguyen 2). It is apparent that the innovations in biomedical technology bring forth benefits that could aid in the improvement of the health and the life of human beings; however, it is a fact that human existence and life itself is threatened by the increased risk and probability of technological intervention and manipulation. Others may term it as the science of “playing god”. This paper deems to explore the implications of Biomedical Technology as guided by the work of Ray Kurzweil entitled, The Singularity is near: when Humans Transcend Biology and the Message of Pope John Paul II to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Evolution highlighting that Truth Cannot Contradict Truth. The Singularity is near in the lieu of the Message to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Evolution has been an interesting subject matter in the field of science particularly Biomedical Technology. Kurzweil envisioned in his work entitled, The Singularity is near: when Humans Transcend Biology, a new evolutionary process that aims to integrate man and machine (1-652). ...Show more


Living in a modern day world, it is apparent that recent advances in science are being discovered, one of the popular fields in science that is taken into consideration by this paper is the field of biomedical technology…
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