Life and Its Lessons

Life and Its Lessons Essay example
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Abdulaziz Alrediny December 16, 2011 Life and its Lessons In life, people are believed to be defined by who they are, what they do and what they have, but are these really the things that define a person’s worth? Or maybe there are more important questions that people should ask themselves in order to know that they have lived their lives fully.


” which is a question of self identity. The question of happiness is the main concern in answering the said query. In addition, self-expression and without being afraid of what other people think is another important issue in relation to knowing one’s self. In the Apology and Crito, it was said that, humans can use reason rather than the values embedded in the culture to determine whether an action is right or wrong (Dingman 35). This is the part where Socrates was being asked to flee from prison in order to get away from being killed by drinking hemlock. However Socrates said that he doesn’t want to flee, though he was to be sentenced. He wants to be sentenced even though he doesn’t believe in the ways on how the government sentenced him. He would like that the public know of his ideas rather than flee. He was a philosopher and he stood with his beliefs even if it meant he had to die for it. ...
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