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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Philosophy 6 Questions Answer for Question 1 Rationalism presents knowledge as innate. However, there are various determinants of this innate knowledge under rationalism. For example, Plato’s idea on innate knowledge is based on forms; say mathematics, moral concepts or even color, while that of Descartes is based on personal existence and issues of perfection alongside considering that God institutes innate knowledge.


Empiricists argue that empiricism is simpler compared to rationalism. It is supported by a simple scenario; that a blind person cannot tell what a given color looks like. However, an experience with one’s senses can solve the case therein. Answer for Question 2 Metaphysics - This is a branch of philosophy that is mainly concerned with describing and providing information about how nature came into being in the context of the world. Immanuel Kant is a renowned metaphysics philosopher, whose contribution to this branch entailed pure reason critiquing. Here Kant presents knowledge under aspects of constraining factors, such that what we know based on our knowledge is limited and constrained by identifiable factors. Ontology – This is the study of categories that are likely to be assigned to existing things or those things that are said to exist in/on some identified domain. A philosopher by the name Parmenides is rated among the initial proposers of ontology, fundamentally in the aspects of reality and its nature. Epistemology – This is a branch of philosophy primarily concerned with the definition and description of knowledge. It defines knowledge and outlines the process through which knowledge is acquired. ...
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