Discuss the Moral Considerations Relevant to the Killing of Human Being

Discuss the Moral Considerations Relevant to the Killing of Human Being Essay example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Discuss the moral considerations relevant to the killing of human being. There are many questions people ask including the question why it is morally wrong to kill people. Human beings are killed through various ways including murders, assassinations, killed in wars and conflicts and many other ways.


According to those who oppose this practice, they argue that the foetus is a human being or a person from the time of conception. Hence terminating it is the same as killing a human being which in itself is not moral. The foetus acquires human characteristics remarkably early in its life such that by the tenth week, it already has acquired a face, arms, and also fingers and toes. Also, the internal organs and the brain activity can be detected by this time. As every human has the right to life, also does the foetus. Every woman has the right to decide what should be happening in her body, but the foetus's right to life always outweighs her right to make a choice as to what happens in her body (Thompson 45). Many people who support abortion have various premises to support their arguments. One is pregnancy due to rape. They argue that this is reason enough to terminate the pregnancy. However, one cannot say that those who were conceived through rape have less right to live than others. Pregnancy due to rape results in the conception of a baby that also has the equal right to life just like all the other conventional methods of conception (Thompson 56). Hence Judith wonders what will happen when the mother's life is threatened by the pregnancy, whether it is morally relevant to abort the pregnancy or not. ...
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