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Perspectives in Human - Research Paper Example

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Perspectives in Human

Values are a part of our lives (Heker, 1994). I can describe myself according to the following values which are: hard working, result oriented, punctual, impartial, open-minded, critical and rational. My list is inexhaustible but these are my strongest values. Before this semester, the most important values were being critical, hard working and being results-oriented. This however changed after I started this semester as I discovered new values which have proven to be of great benefit in determining my personality. Presently, I have endorsed the values of punctuality, impartiality, open-mindedness and rationality. These values have helped me to be open to new ideas and opportunities as change is always inevitable for a student. These values have helped me to gain more clarity and focus on setting my priorities right. My experience in this semester has changed my values in a positive way. These values have helped me to have a clear definition of my goals. I have been able to decide the goals which are of most importance to me and consequently prioritize them according to the most significant. This process has enabled me to divert my energies towards my targets. Upon the achievement of my goals, I have been able to come up with new goals and try to accommodate them to my list of values (Ehrenreich, 2011). Knowledge has been defined as power but the main value of knowledge is brought out through the use of it. Knowledge is a compilation of facts. When we value knowledge, we draw near it with honest uncertainty. The main importance of knowing our values is to have a better clarity and focus to enable us to make reliable decisions and take a devoted action. The essence of knowledge of our values is to improve our results that are of most importance to an individual. This knowledge has enabled me to know and cherish myself and gain familiarity with my strengths and weaknesses. It has also helped me to use my strengths to assist others and to improve on my weaknesses (Heker, 1994). Our influence to others is of great importance as we knowingly or unknowingly influence others positively or negatively. Despite this, we should strive for the ultimate good by being an encouragement and inspiring them and this will help in making our world an improved place. Knowledge has made me to realize that everyone can make a contribution whether major or minor to the world that we live in by using some of the values like being kind and tender hearted. Based on the knowledge that I have, I should value myself, my passion and compassion, kindness, time, knowledge and mentoring. My actions should be focused on achievement of my goals. My actions should be almost be like a replica of Archbishop Desmond Tutu who has the ability to distinguish and embrace life’s happiness and face its cruelties and desolation. This will require one to have values like being strong, visionary and courageous enough to be able to persist life’s challenges as we live in difficult times (Loeb, 2004). This will be possible through the orientation of the heart by embracing the value of hope. Hope is the power of the human being spirit to prevail in challenging times. Despite this, we must never forget the importance of courage. Courage helps us to prevail over the fear that pushes us away from each other and enable us to stand for our beliefs because if we ignore it while faced with injustice, cruelty and oppression, we are sacrificing a ...Show more


Human perspectives Name Institution Value is a belief or a meaningful philosophy which are brought out by every person consciously or unconsciously. Values shape individual lives. Examples of values include: accountability, commitment, generosity, intelligence, punctuality, reliability, wisdom and humility just to mention a few…
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Perspectives in Human essay example
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Perspectives in Human
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