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Assignment Name Assignment My name is Jacob Paxton. I was born in Lubbock, Texas on September 18, 1988. Both my parents are conservative Christian. I have three siblings and we live in an extended family with my grandparents. For the first 18 years of my life, I tried hard to put together, piece by piece, the moral, religious, social values that have shaped generations of my ancestors.


I must say, I didn’t understand many principles that my family stood for, but I always tried to reason them out with a positive presumption. I was brought up amongst these ideals, and I was on my way to becoming a helf-decent Paxton myself. But things have changed a lot since my first semester in College. Growing up in the Paxton family, the first thing I was taught was to sing the glory of god and his creations. Not a day passed without my mother reading out a verse from the Bible before I went to bed. Sometimes, these verses would manifest themselves into biblical dreams. The holidays brought the entire family together and it would be a refresher course of all the family ideals. The eldest son always joined the forces. Serving the nation was a family mandate. But in a family full of ex-service men, the true heroes were the war veterans. Like Uncle Avi, who served during Vietnam. I was always convinced that My Brother Franklin would also join the marines and also doubted if he’d ever return. The very concept of patriotism was now muddled with the hatred I had brewed towards wars and conflicts. The Paxtons also have strong preferences. We never employed Mexicans in our gardens, which meant ours’ was the dullest garden in the neighborhood. ...
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