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Perspectives in Human - Research Paper Example

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I must say, I didn’t understand many principles that my family stood for, but I always tried to reason them out with a positive presumption. I was brought up amongst these ideals, and I was on my way to becoming a helf-decent Paxton myself. But things have changed a lot since my first semester in College. Growing up in the Paxton family, the first thing I was taught was to sing the glory of god and his creations. Not a day passed without my mother reading out a verse from the Bible before I went to bed. Sometimes, these verses would manifest themselves into biblical dreams. The holidays brought the entire family together and it would be a refresher course of all the family ideals. The eldest son always joined the forces. Serving the nation was a family mandate. But in a family full of ex-service men, the true heroes were the war veterans. Like Uncle Avi, who served during Vietnam. I was always convinced that My Brother Franklin would also join the marines and also doubted if he’d ever return. The very concept of patriotism was now muddled with the hatred I had brewed towards wars and conflicts. The Paxtons also have strong preferences. We never employed Mexicans in our gardens, which meant ours’ was the dullest garden in the neighborhood. ...
My family is the dearest thing to me. And I have always aspired to be the ideal Paxton. I am almost certain that for it is the most important thing to me. However, experiences that I have had this semester have completely shaken the very foundations of what I believed. This semester I learned many things. Not all of them were in line with what I always grew up learning. It can be very mind-boggling at times, when your very constitution is challenged by something new. It is like trusting someone all your life and learning one fine day, that the person was a lie. Honestly, I’d have preferred to be in that hypothetical situation than the predicament that I was in a few weeks ago. Mainly because it was my prerogative to understand, accept the latest developments and embrace change. And I have always found change to be the most uncomfortable thing. I guess the seeds were sown deep by my family. One of the things that I learnt this semester was that every human being is born with a set of rights that are inalienable. This means that we are born with some rights which cannot be taken away by anybody. Our Bill of Rights only lists these rights out. It was strange for me to believe that we always had these rights with us. Like an inherent part of our body. I always thought that people spoke, behaved and lived the way their parents did. So if I ever met a person who condemned our Country, I would think badly about his parents or family and wonder why they never disciplined him. Similarly, if someone was a homosexual, I’d wonder why his parents never sent him to the doctor. Now I have become aware that our families, societies and countries are not the reason why we choose to behave or express ...Show more


Assignment Name Assignment My name is Jacob Paxton. I was born in Lubbock, Texas on September 18, 1988. Both my parents are conservative Christian. I have three siblings and we live in an extended family with my grandparents. For the first 18 years of my life, I tried hard to put together, piece by piece, the moral, religious, social values that have shaped generations of my ancestors…
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Perspectives in Human
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