The Examined Life: A Synthesis Essay

The Examined Life: A Synthesis Essay Essay example
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Name: Class: Date: The Examined Life: A Synthesis Essay Who am I? Human beings are shaped by their interactions with the environment where some aspects that influence our character are impacted to us while we are still young. One’s character is affected by the way others view us which may actually be contrary to what we actually are.


Amidst this confusion and assassination of character one must seek a sense of self worth. Firm belief in one’s own abilities is critical as Walker (24) noted, “In real life I am a large-boned woman with rough, man-working hands.” Such a strong self reassurance gives hope and determination to explore one’s abilities and live responsibly. At times our self worth is influenced by how others perceive us to be and individuals may condition their behavior and character in that perspective. In addition, how we conduct ourselves may influence the image that others have about us. Crito while responding to Plato worries about the possibility of informers making more trouble for them in prison pointed out that, “I am ashamed both of your behalf and on behalf of us your friends, that this whole affair surrounding you will be thought to have happened due to some cowardice on our part,” (Plato, 3). To illustrate our understanding on decision making patterns, our observation of past events plays a major part. For example, Dee encounter with fire that burnt their house made her fear and always avoid similar scenes (Walker, 25). To live a responsible life, one needs to incorporate what is learnt in their daily life and build a character of self worth. ...
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