Love, Respect and Caring for Others: Role in Personal Happiness - Research Paper Example

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Love, Respect and Caring for Others: Role in Personal Happiness

The world has experienced human strife and unhappiness to extreme levels in the past and in modern times. This study seeks to investigate the question “to what extent must we love, or otherwise care about or respect, others to be happy?” Love, care and respect here are the subjects of human interrelationships whose role in the pursuit of happiness is under investigation. The approach selected for this study is through a critical discussion and comparative study of two pieces of literature backed by a number of supportive points from other sources. The two primary sources are Gulla’s (13) chapter II and Bernard’s (87) chapter V on love and happiness. The guiding thesis to this study is that love, care and respect for others are of utmost importance for us to be happy. The views of the two Literature Sources on Love and Happiness According to Gulla (13), love is one of the main sources of happiness, as it cleans up negative thoughts and helps in the avoiding of emotions, such as anger, pain and worry. The author translates love to mean the showing of compassion to others, understanding them, showing of patience and letting others express themselves in the given relationship. ...Show more


Name Professor Module Date Love, Respect and Caring for others: Role in Personal Happiness The concept of happiness is one that has for centuries concerned philosophers, such as Aristotle, who widely reflected on what happiness was and what makes individuals truly happy (Kenny and Kenny 13; Sihvola 13)…
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