"Today's Bachelor Degrees are Minimum, Like High School Degrees Were 30 Years Ago"

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Bachelor’s degrees are minimal level of education [Name] [Course] [Professor’s name] [Date] The education system has changed massively over the past quarter. The importance of education has been highlighted by most of the countries and the countries have devoted a significant amount of revenue for the development of the education.


Owing the changing scenario the attainment of bachelor’s degree has been the minimal level of education in the preset era, equivalent to high school degree around 30 years back. An increase in trend in the attainment of Bachelors degree is observed in the developed nations. The enrichment in the education sector of major economies has given rise to the number of the bachelor’s degree holders and the post graduate or the master’s degree holders. A few decades back bachelors degree was a standard in the level of education of the individuals but in the present generation the masters degree has replaced as a benchmark in the level of education. The study of the figures reveal that in USA the number of master degree holders in all discipline was 657,000 in the year 2009 which was more than the double number in the 1980. Almost all the states in US have more than 20% of the educated mass holding a bachelors degree. The district of Colombia accounts for the highest number of bachelors degree holders with figures of more than 45 %.( Smith, 1996, pp.15-20). The figures suggest that in matters of seeking education, students aim to attain at least a bachelor’s degree. The wide range of facilities has caused the educational system to improve with Bachelors degree becoming the minimum level of education. ...
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