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Student Name: Instructor Name: Course: Date of submission:   On dreams by Aristotle No one in the world is unaware of the name of Aristotle. He was unanimously amongst the most popular ancient philosophers and mathematicians of the world. He wrote on almost all of the subjects and topics of the universe and interpreted many phenomena according to human psychology and nature.


Among other phenomena of life, Aristotle interpreted dreams too. Early Greek impression of dreams was that they are from God and are seen during sleep to provide guidance from divine spirits. Aristotle, on the contrary, studied dreams in a more rational way, by saying that dreams are not from God as animals can have dreams too; rather they are the reflections of our daily life activities. He said that we can interpret dreams analogous to the reflections seen in water. According to him, all of the external effects are nullified when we are asleep, but our internal keeps open its eyes and remain aware of our general activities and thoughts, which then we see as a dream. Dreams are mostly consists of fantasies is due to the fact that our common sense does not work while we are asleep, thus we cannot distinguish between a reality and a fantasy in our dreams. He correctly recognized that what we see or hear in our dreams is quite different than what we actually perceive and think. Apart from internal awareness, dreams can also be a mixture of events we experience while awakening, thus we dream these events as we want the things to happen in actual. ...
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