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The Seventh Letter by Plato

Several other events happened during the government which received his disapproval. Evil was growing rapidly in the state and Plato realized that it was incurable until either a true philosopher took over the power or the existing one’s start following the right path. Plato then came to Italy and met Dion, sharing his views on the ideals a man should aim for. Plato not only supported Dion who had now decided to change the lives Syracuse’s but also accepted Dion’s idea of pretending to be a person who doesn’t cares about philosophy, this way they could teach Dionysius the rules of governing the state in the right way and following the right path. But their attempt turned out to be a failure, not only Dion but Plato became suspects for trying to over throw Dionysius. Dion wanted to introduce the means of true happiness in life in the whole territory without any bloodsheds or war. He was hoping that Plato will cause a great impact on Dionysius since Dionysius had strong desire towards education and philosophy. After the fourth month of Plato’s second visit to Syracuse Dion was expelled from the territory which the charge of conspiracy trying to seize the throne. Dion’s entire friend including Plato feared that Dionysius might try to harm them but instead he treated them with kindness trying to win their heart. ...
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The Seventh Letter by Plato The Seventh letter by Plato is an autobiographical account by Plato himself which tells about his activities in Sicily (Italy). Conspiracy had risen between Dion and Dionysius of Syracuse due to autocracy of Syracuse…
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