"Eaarth" by Bill McKibben - A New Devastated Planet

"Eaarth" by Bill McKibben - A New Devastated Planet Essay example
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[Name of Student] [Name of Instructor] [Name of Course] [Date] Eaarth: A New Devastated Planet There are various environmentalists who have actually put a great impact on the readers and made them think about global warming. Bill McKibben is an American environmentalist that have appointed a rather creative manner to deliver awareness of the facts about the climate change being observed in a gradual manner, which is actually taking place with a fast pace.


It should be noted that the author has a particular reason for adding another ‘a’ in the spelling, i.e. he considers that humans are not living on the planet Earth. Humans have over-populated the planet with increased global warming and testing nuclear bombs on earth. It is the pollution and industrial sweep that have actually made the frozen tips of mountains to melt down, causing increased sea levels leading to floods. There are many other reasons behind the global warming that have actually led the author to think of a title which has an additional ‘a’. (McKibben). The philosophy behind the entitlement of the book is not an illusion. The need of the hour is to address the climate change that is taking place with fast pace. It should be noted that Bill McKibben has also noted the fact in his work that it is already too late to make change, because the greatest damage that is likely to place is already underway. Humans have avoided the consequences a great deal, which is resulted in the present situation (McKibben). Bill McKibben has already been writing for many newspapers including The New York Times and Mother Jones etc. ...
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