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Logic According to Husserl

It helped us to predict the existence of certain things which were unknown to us earlier. Husserl defined logic in a different manner. He has attached various dimensions to logic in order to analyze it comprehensively. According to Husserl “Logic is the science of science” (Husserl p.8). This paper analyses the arguments of Husserl with respect to logic and transcendental logic along with his criticisms against formal logic. “Logic, as Husserl sees it, is concerned in the first place with meanings (propositions, concepts) and with associated meaning-instantiating acts. Most importantly, it is concerned with that sort of deductively closed collection of meanings which constitutes a scientific theory”(Corazzon). In other words, Husserl pointed out that logic helps us to deduce certain scientific theories which were unknown to us earlier. He has pointed out that science has no existence without logic. All scientific theories were evolved out of logical thinking. For example, we assume that electrons revolve around certain nucleus in which protons and neutrons are located. This scientific theory is formulated based on logic rather than experimental conclusions. The stability of an atom can be explained only with the help of such an atom model described above. In other words, logic helped us to device a new scientific theory. ...Show more


Logic according to Husserl Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl was a twentieth century German philosopher and mathematician, who contributed heavily to the development of science and philosophy. He has put forwarded many theories with respect to different dimensions of logic and judgment…
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