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Personal Philosophy Name: Instructor: Task Date: Personal Philosophy According to Solomon and Higgins (2010), philosophy involves a keen self evaluation and that of others to establish what one hears and what one believes. They, therefore, define personal philosophy as a thorough statement of what one believes.


Whether one believes in the reality of God or not, determines to a large degree how a person performs his or her life. I believe in God. The origin of my belief is through my parents. However, now that am old enough to critically evaluate what I learnt in my shaping years to distinguish between truths and non-truths, I still believe that God exists. I believe in God as a supernatural being, all powerful and omnipresent. I believe God is genderless and the rules of fairness and justice are inapplicable to Him; He is sovereign. Apart from the faith part of my belief in God, there are other ways that show that God is real. For example, I concur with Descartes in his 5th meditation on the proof of the reality of God. The God I believe in is perfect, and existence is part of perfectness. That is, there can not exist a perfect being that is nonexistence. Therefore, the God I believe in exists owing to his perfectness. Other proofs that I agree with include the proof by Thomas of Aquinas. In his argument he notes that all things are in movement. Further, he notes that the motion must have been initiated by another object in motion. Without s a supreme being to start the motion, this chain would go on infinitely, which cannot be the case. Therefore, there is a supreme who is stationary and is responsible in initiating the motion. This Supreme Being is the object of my belief in God. ...
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