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Rene Descartes---Ontological Argument Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: PROSPECTUS OUTLINE: Title: Ontological Argument Thesis Statement: Also stated as Evidentialism, the term Ontological argument magnificently elucidates the applying of reason in support of the existence of God.


Objectives: 1. Elaboration of the famous doctrine of Ontological Argument in the light of the philosophies elaborated by the ancient early Christian scholar St. Anselm, eminent philosopher Rene Descartes (1596-1650), and his successor philosopher Nietzsche. 2. Evaluation of Descartes’ hypothesis and its impact on the future philosophic theories 3. To analyze whether Descartes’ doctrine was certainly the revolt against his contemporary religious and philosophical beliefs, or he imitated the footprints of his predecessors while articulating his rationalism 4. Significance of his theoretical framework he has articulated by elaborating the imperative implication of applying mind and ratifying the truthfulness of a phenomenon through in-depth observation and scientific evidence in order to accept or reject a theory or phenomenon 5. To note how his successor philosophers have adopted the Ontological Argument instead of following the blind imitation of already existing theories and beliefs in society Descartes Approach: I am determined to critically analyze Descartes’ Ontological Argument in the light of the doctrines articulated by Avicenna, St. Anselm and Nietzsche by the authors including Roger Ariew, John Hawthorne, John M. ...
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