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Obligations to Future Generations

This is not to suggest that the conveniences and luxury are evenly distributed around the globe or even within nations and communities. There is a vast difference between the wealth of nations in the developing world and that of a superpower such as the United States or the European Union. What is undeniable is that all of humanity have benefited directly or indirectly through improvements in transportation and technology. The advancements in technology are truly marvelous, but they are not without drawbacks. There is a real cost attached to every advancement made in transportation and technology over the past two centuries (Lash, Szerszynski and Wynne, 1996). Finite resources are often used for raw materials that construct the technology or provide fuel for the machine energy. The consumption of these finite resources raises several sets of related ethical questions. Economists and economic geographers often examine questions of consumption, distribution and utilization. These academics attempt to explain why some nations are poor while others are wealthy. The answer often has access and control over finite resources at its heart. ...
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Modern industrialized economies have provided and unprecedented level of luxury and convenience for humanity. We can travel around the world in a matter of hours or send a text to a neighboring continent in a matter or seconds. Much of the world now enjoys a wide variety of labor saving machines that clean clothes, wash dished and cook food while we watch TV or surf the internet…
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