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Frankenstein (1818 Book)

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein effectively renders the audience horrified at the chief thought that humans themselves can create life from the dead. Through science, the epistemological capacity of Shelley’s work reflects the possibility to explore the yet unknown so that by fiction, it is able to promote varied concepts whose substance may impress upon a range of perceptions from being a magical wonder to an object of fright. The ensuing madness in Victor as a science student who has severely detached himself from the norms of the living to defy human limits potentially makes a horrifying attribute to the story where one could well associate mental derangement with crime or a series of morbid acts to follow scheming beyond sanity. Frankenstein, hence, is psychologically addressed in the light of this context. As a tool of suspense, similarly, the laboratory settings where Frankenstein conducts crude experimentation all the more appear to intensify the creepy effect of scenarios in which one is led to anticipate the horrible triumph of reconstructing life from the patches of grave-buried fleshes. Shelly manages to stir anxiety into audience sensation by directing the theme to be understood in the nature of ancient alchemy blended with some futuristic science as portrayed via the notion that high volts of electricity would ignite reflexes to the initially lifeless man-made creature. ...Show more


Complete Name: Course: Title: Frankenstein (1818) Frankenstein comprises several elements of a horror story which Mary Shelly delivers with a number of strategies and devices enabling the novel to generate the intended physical impact upon a reader’s imagination…
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