Human Wisdom and Advertisements

Human Wisdom and Advertisements Essay example
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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Human wisdom and advertisements Lesson three Generally, wisdom is considered to be a deep thoughtfulness and realization of people, things, and events, something that result to ability to relate and apply what one perceives with the existing understanding (Rand 298).


Advertisers are sophists. In any given advertisement, the main aim is to convince the buyer that the product is perfect in order for the buyer to buy it. Instead of most advertisers to advertise a product on the basis of the truth, most of them use persuasive tactics. Sophistic advertisements include power point presentations on TV, Web sites content which contain three-dimensional photographs of the products. Advertisements are sophistic since they aim at appealing to the target consumers. Unsophistic advertisements showroom presentations of products and newsletter advertisements (Craig 289). Lesson four Similarities between Stoics & AquinasTop of Form Bottom of Form . The development of natural law has been attributed to Stoic. Stoicism arose in Hellenistic period. Both Stoics and Aquinas believe human beings have a soul which is capable of perception. Both philosophies agree that human beings have the capacity to assent or resent to presentations made (Craig 28). Both identify God with nature where nature hold cosmos together and cause terrestrial things. Both philosophies consider ethical goals as the kind of life which is consistent with cosmos. ...
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