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Should Abortion be Legal - Essay Example

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Ousting a soul out of a living being is an act of brutality. Humans are the most civilized form of creatures to exist on earth and such a high status demands them to act responsibly with all the other organisms that we, humans, share this planet with. This entails respecting of the rights of people and animals alike and giving others preference over ourselves (Titus and Ross, 1999). The fulfillment of these conditions leads to a state known as humanity. If humanity demands wellbeing of entire world and not only human wellbeing then the question that arises here is, how humanity can allow abortions. Abortion refers to the killing or premature human fetus, to prevent its birth and commencement into the world. Abortion deprives a helpless and innocent soul from entering into the world, thus restricting it from its right to live. Irrespective of the circumstances, no soul shall be allowed to kill the other as per the basics of humanity, and considering this, abortion must not be legalized. Why abortions must not be legalized? Imagine a baby, joyful, playful and cheerful in your arms. You start playing with the baby and all of a sudden you tell the baby that you are going to slaughter him for no fault of his own. Just imagine if the baby were to interpret your intentions and understand what you were saying, how would the baby have reacted then? The baby, the cheerful baby, would have begged you for his life. He would have broken down into tears and would have started screaming of your terrifying intentions. But no matter what, if you don’t need the baby, then you just don’t need it. This entire aesthetic dramatization is just a creative account of the definition of abortion. When a male and a female human participate in a successful sexual intercourse, a seed is planted into the ovaries of the female member resulting in the orientation of life of a human to be, the fetus. The example of a fetus is tantamount to that of a flower seed, sown into the ground for nurturing and development into a seedling, a plant and finally the flower. Ravaging the seed before it becomes a flower is equivalent to smashing the flower itself, when it has fully grown and developed. Abortion, as explained, is the killing of one life for no reason. Killing of humans is only permissible, logically and legally, under limited circumstances, including self-defense, war or may be in case of euthanasia. But killing of humans, that are premature in their body features, have no fault of their own, which can’t even defend themselves and are entirely dependent upon the mercy of others, is a major crime, a sin and a demented act of cowardice and butchery (Titus and Ross, 1999). On several instances screams out of excruciating pain and suffering have been heard from the aborted children as repeatedly reported by the housemaids and nurses in abortion houses, labor rooms and hospitals. Aborted children usually are conscious while they are led to death and they perspire in disdain and discomfort striving to gain help from somewhere, somehow. The cold blooded murderers witness the scene and leave the place, without any regrets or sympathies whatsoever. Such cases have been on the verge of increase and an ever increasing number of people commit this crime, today, without any second thoughts whatsoever. Such acts have resulted in a transformation in human attitude towards ...Show more


Should Abortion be Legal? Customer Date Introduction Every human is born with the innate right to live, breathe, explore and exist. Halting an individual’s right to these basic ingredients of life shall be termed as suppression. An act that limits the liberty and freedom to life of other humans is considered to be a crime…
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Should Abortion be Legal
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