Should Abortion be Legal?

Should Abortion be Legal? Essay example
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Should Abortion be Legal? Customer Name Course Date Introduction Every human is born with the innate right to live, breathe, explore and exist. Halting an individual’s right to these basic ingredients of life shall be termed as suppression. An act that limits the liberty and freedom to life of other humans is considered to be a crime.


Ousting a soul out of a living being is an act of brutality. Humans are the most civilized form of creatures to exist on earth and such a high status demands them to act responsibly with all the other organisms that we, humans, share this planet with. This entails respecting of the rights of people and animals alike and giving others preference over ourselves (Titus and Ross, 1999). The fulfillment of these conditions leads to a state known as humanity. If humanity demands wellbeing of entire world and not only human wellbeing then the question that arises here is, how humanity can allow abortions. Abortion refers to the killing or premature human fetus, to prevent its birth and commencement into the world. Abortion deprives a helpless and innocent soul from entering into the world, thus restricting it from its right to live. Irrespective of the circumstances, no soul shall be allowed to kill the other as per the basics of humanity, and considering this, abortion must not be legalized. Why abortions must not be legalized? Imagine a baby, joyful, playful and cheerful in your arms. You start playing with the baby and all of a sudden you tell the baby that you are going to slaughter him for no fault of his own. ...
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