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Since the beginning of the world, people living in different groups had various views or opinions about the other groups; these opinions were mainly assumed or prejudged. The distinguishing qualities which God created in human beings to gift each individual with a unique quality, has become a reason to suffer from, due to stereotypes in the society.


Stereotypes are not only the source of long term suffering for others but they are also the victims themselves. Their past experiences enable them to acquire this typical behavior of discrimination and presumptions about other genders, races and individuals. Stereotyping reduces the concentration span of the victim and he feels anxiety with distorting feelings. This is also referred to as cognitive threat, which reduces the intelligence level of person due to biased attitude of others ( Leary, 2005,p.283). I have been a subject of stereotype behavior several times. These incidences are very common but they leave an everlasting mark in one’s life. In high school, I had friends with different nationalities. One of them was an Asian whom I was quite close and liked to spend more time with. Once he invited me for a group study at his house which I accepted without bothering to think twice, how his family would respond to a person with different racial identity. I went there and met my friend’s mother at the door; she smiled and welcomed me in. We studied for a while and lost track of time, it was time for dinner and he was uneasy and wanted to windup. I stood and wanted to leave but his mother asked me to join them for dinner. I did as I was asked; just wanted to be polite; as not to decline their hospitality. ...
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