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Boethius and Good Substance - Essay Example

This is only made true by belief in the mundane human assumption that all substances that exist in the universe always tend towards the good. The theory differentiates the primal existence of substances from the role that existing substance play towards the overall good. Therefore goodness is seen as an embodiment of things and cannot be measured according to participation towards good (McDonald, 18). The basic assumption that individuals have is that all the substances that exist in the world are good. This is grounded on the common understanding between people. This depends on individuals conceptions of the learned and the unlearned which can be that everything goes towards its like which is either be good or evil. Substances that are purported to be good by participation are not good themselves since they always strive towards perfection. Moreover, substances that strive towards goodness are in themselves not good because they do not struggle to posses what they have (evil) but strive to reach for goodness. Substances that are good in virtue do not always tend towards goodness but are in themselves good. The goodness is found in its being and thus cannot be compared to any level of goodness that is strived for through participation. However, this goodness is never derived from the first good because for them to be good, they would possess the same qualities as the first good that go against nature. This makes them posses different qualities of being and being good (McDonald, 65). However

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substantial goods are those that do not play a part in goodness. This is because what they are good. This is because this goodness is drawn from their being. This means that their being is good and being is synonymous to being good. Substances that are good for the virtue of being good are not always good. This is because these substances already exist and have already been established when they have taken on the form of being. This being is not drawn from the being itself since the being (first good) does not exist in itself (McDonald, 105). The substantial good exists in its purest form and is never mixed with any other in order to be good. Its primal existence independently conveys its goodness and does not need support from other sources. Substances that are good in virtue of their being do not portray this character. The goodness of such substances is always compounded by other factors besides its natural being that help to amplify its goodness. The substances that are good in virtue can only be like the substantial good if they had nothing else except good. Removal of all the qualities that amplify their goodness so they remain with what is good. This would transcend them from being ordinary substances to the source of substances, which makes them achieve the overall good (McDonald, 115). The first good is refers to an embodiment of the true values of goodness. The existence of substances good due to the virtue of its being is dependent. This virtue of goodness flows from a given source that makes its being good. There can never be an existence without its source. The first good is good in virtue for the fact that it is good. The complexity of goodness of substances as a virtue of their being requires a source that wills the existence of such a virtue. The being of all things flows from the will of the first good to establish the existence of the being. Therefore, the existence of a
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Name Instructor Date Task How Can Substances Be Good in Virtue of the Fact That They Have Being When They Are Not Substantial Goods? The theory brought about by Boethius tries to lay plain the various differences that exist between things that exist in the universe…
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Boethius and Good Substance
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