Why It Is Good to Be Good? Or Why It Is Goodness Constructive?

Why It Is Good to Be Good? Or Why It Is Goodness Constructive? Essay example
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8 February 2012
Good as Good in Itself
Why is it good to be good? In Books I, II, and IV of The Republic, Plato explores the definition of justice that hails from his understanding of the virtues of the soul.


He provides a constructive definition of justice, because it builds up on the individual level of justice and he applies it to the social notion of justice. Justice is related to goodness, because it is good to be just. This essay examines good and evil and relates it to Plato’s The Republic, as well as Cataleya, a heroine. Evil is differentiated from good in this essay, because it creates injustice and comes from violating the virtues of the soul, according to Book II of The Republic. I agree with Plato that being good is good in itself, and it is also good because of its virtuous individual and social consequences, and these arguments support the claims that a just soul is good and a just city is also good. In order to understand what is good, it is important to examine the meaning of justice, because this essay shows that justice is good for humanity. One of the ways to establish what justice means is through defining what it is not. In Book I, the Sophist Thrasymachus argues: “justice is nothing else than the interest of the stronger.” He says this to undermine the need for justice, since Sophists are known to lambast virtues as useless to society. He feels that justice does not serve the needs of the whole, and instead, it only preserves the interests of whoever is in power. ...
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