Making Ethical Decisions in Healthcare Organizations

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Health care and ethics go hand in hand. They are two important facets of the life of a healthcare professional. Many health care professionals have to decide between which of these facets is over the other and which is superior to other. Many writers have written over it and the topic is well researched.


A good healthcare professional never wavers in his approach and makes the right decision quickly. This differentiates him from the rest or other healthcare professional. Not only making the right decision is important but also the timing of the decision is critical. It is hardly the case that a healthcare professional has ample at his disposal. Hence, healthcare professionals usually have to make right decisions keeping in might the ethical aspect as well as the rules setup by the management of the healthcare organization. One important theory that explains how healthcare professional should act is Utilitarianism. This theory is an important theory in resolving different ethical problems and dilemmas. This theory states that all healthcare professionals should choose the action that benefits the society more. An action should only be undertaken if it provides greater good to the society. There should be more benefits accruing to the society as a result of this action than the costs of undertaking such action. For example, suppose a criminal comes to a healthcare organization and is about to die and officials in that organization has very little time to decide whether to inform the police or to heal the patient. ...
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