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Relations between Knowledge and Reality

Ideas about relationships are certainly developed and predicted on the basis of the conditions they fulfill. Thus, the relationships and their concepts are dependent of the performances they make. The author also alludes to various forms of concepts described by Locke, which include action-concepts, physical concepts and moral concepts (106-107). Locke has also established the patterns of relations, where he declares cause and effect as the most important one in this regards. He has also shown the relationship between various ideas on the basis of the concepts established. He called relation between idea and thing as the real existence. (110) Locke has presented different sorts of agreements on perception about ideas, where he aims to view knowledge as unlimited in nature and scope, though knowledge of coexistence is narrow and limited one. Hence, Locke asserts the existence of knowledge on the basis of perception of agreement or disagreement between ideas, without taking into consideration the very difference in perceiving the same. ...
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Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Relations between Knowledge and Reality Yolton (2010) has analyzed Locke’s philosophical approach about knowledge and reality in the 4th chapter of his book, under investigation, where the author submits to state that the physical objects just carry the other objects existing in the universe, and the nature of their relation with the other objects is based upon how they are perceived…
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