Should Employers be Permitted to Test Employees for Drug Use?

Should Employers be Permitted to Test Employees for Drug Use? Research Paper example
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Name: Instructor: Task: Date Should employers be permitted to test employees for drug use? Introduction Human beings have been using mood-changing substances from ancient times. In Greece and Cyprus, people used Opium for rituals during 200 B.C. Ancient Aztecs used Ololiuqui flower, which had psychoactive effects for treatment.


The Reagan’s government introduced a strategy that attacked drug abuse from different vital angles. This strategy made war on drug successful because it included both law application and education programs on the drug impacts. Finally, there was introduction of Executive Order No. 12564, which was compulsory for all employees to renounce from drugs and all agencies to cultivate a work place free from drugs (Potter & Orfali 10). Today, drug testing is an increasing and acceptable way of regulating the negative impacts of drug abuse on different work places. Subsequently drug abuse declines the firms’ profitability subsequently increasing accidents that occur in work places. Therefore, employers should have permission to test their employees for drug use at the work place because drug-taking rate is increasing among employees. While conventional drug addicts may be jobless and not able to control themselves, the fact is that most of the very educated and cherished occupations are victims of drug use. It is evidently that drug users permeate every member of the society to use drugs and their reasons for using drug vary. To the employers, the main agenda to why they carry out drug test to their employees is for safety and health purposes. ...
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