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Discourse on Method

In his work, Descartes argues that Science is not the only way of dealing with difficulties in the society. He indicates that Science is full of flaws and that human beings should not confine themselves in the practicality of scientific experiments. In this context, therefore, he indicates that, the human soul is the origin of truth, as it allows human beings go through a process of soul and self searching, in an endeavor to come up with answers to questions of nature. To prove this point, in part four, he gives an example of the incapability of Mathematics to distinguish the truth from fallacy. This is an interpretation of the fact that, Science does not encompass all aspects of problem solving skills and that human soul allows an individual go through a process of soul search; thus, allow an examination of facts from a first hand experience on the organs and they determine the existence of beings. For one to get answers regarding nature, they must have one on one experience with the attributes and not just by creating formulae and theorems to explain the facts. He gives an example of feeling the heat through the fingers to the blood; thus, ascribe meanings to the same. ...Show more


Instructor Date Discourse on Method Seeds of truth According to Descartes on the ‘Discourse on Method’ the seeds of truth emanate from the human soul. This, on part six, corresponds to that of part four and part five. In his work, he argues that the notions of natural philosophy cannot be controlled, and that the human beings need to adjust to the existence of the natural forms of nature…
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