Descartes - A Piece of Wax

Descartes - A Piece of Wax Essay example
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A Piece of Wax I. Introduction What a person perceives is mainly due to their knowledge of their surroundings which can be either known or unknown. Without the understanding of the human mind, it is hard to know the body. Descartes, during his meditation on a piece of wax said “it is now manifest to me that bodies themselves are not properly perceived by the senses nor by the faculty of imagination, but by the intellect alone.” The bulk of the essay will explain judgment and imagination which are two faculties Descartes focuses on during his second meditation.


There are many principles which create certain thought which will lead us to conclude something that is usually consistent and powerful. We guide our lives by these thoughts and ideas. And much of this comes about because of our faculties, which allows us to sense things in different magnitudes. Our five senses can lead us to believe in things that may fail us. During Descartes’ second meditation, he decides that everything he sees is not really there. What our eyes perceive may be a result of what the world has labeled to be real. But what our minds observe, gives us greater insight into the world around us. II. Our Mind’s Observations The observation of the world around Descartes has caused him to take a step back and view his life in a different manner. He creates doubt within his own mind because without doubt, he holds that one is naive in their thinking. Doubt allows for reflection and with reflection comes the knowledge of what needs to improve and how one may go about with the improvement. Without doubt, life in itself is blissful. ...
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