Having Kids makes you Happy: Critical Analysis

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Name Professor Module Date Having Kids Makes you Happy: Critical Analysis The issue of multiplying and filling the earth is one of the divine statutes that human beings have upheld. Throughout history, the society has held the view that children are bundles of joy and blessings.


Through a critical analysis of Ali’s (2008) article titled “True or False: Having Children Makes You Happy”, this essay approaches the issue based on the thesis that having children does not make parents happy. A synopsis of Ali’s article shows the writer providing research-based evidence against the strongly held belief that children are a source of happiness to parents. The research includes Professor Gilbert’s 2006 "Stumbling on Happiness" book indicating that parents are happier before they get children and after children move out. Brooks’ 2008 study shows that parents report less happiness by 7% in comparison to childless couples. Simon’s 2005 study indicates that childless couples have significantly higher levels of emotional well-being in comparison to parents. However, a Newsweek poll shows that most parents are not ready to admit that children do not bring happiness to homes. The writer also indicates that parenting has not always lessened happiness, establishing that economic dynamics have contributed to less joyous parenting. Ali, however, states that parents report more meaning and purpose to life, besides observing that there is an intrinsic and immeasurable value to parenting. This essay argues that parenting brings more happiness to people. The very first aspect providing the rationale for this essay’s stance on the issue is based on the evidence relied upon by Ali (2008). ...
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