Ethics and Morality in the Health Professions

Ethics and Morality in the Health Professions  Essay example
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Your name Instructor Course name Date of Submission Ethics & Morality in the Health Professions Being a bioethicist in Dr. Brody’s resident hospital, I would like to highly appreciate her for the step she has further taken to be guided and advised more upon this issue of suicide.


If at all God created every creature, then why should one think of taking his or her life away. It would be quite unethical in my career to leave such an individual to die when I knew in real sense that he or she was going to die. The only way that one could tell if someone else has feelings for suicide, could be through a conversation where he or she will confess such feelings. It was the right step undertaken by a patient who required suicidal assistance to approach you Dr. Deborah. It is quite true that a suicidal person who locks him or herself away tends to feel isolation and for that matter, they may end up attempting suicide without the knowledge of his or her friends and relatives. If at all Dr. Brody you would put yourself in the patient’s shoe, then you would not imagine that someone wishes you to take your life away. In most countries in the west, suicide has significantly shown that it is the foremost cause of death (Gutheil 29). These countries spend anonymous amount of money in maintenance of safety on roads but unaware on suicide and its prevention. It is the best option for a country to engage into campaigns on choices to make good life. A person who wants to attempt suicide or has feelings or thoughts of suicide, it is then quite evident that such individuals have symptoms to indicate that they can no more cope up with life. ...
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