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The views of Descartes on Rationalism

Descartes’ meditations are pegged on his rational mind, which led him to discover the truth independently of the experience via innate ideas. He argues that there are many things that he accepted as truth in his childhood. Descartes refuted his childish and youthful beliefs and sought to build his ideas afresh. He used a methodological approach to handle issues that nagged his mind. He is quoted as saying that “some thoughts within him were as due to his power of thinking.” In applying these thoughts in ideas of notion, he was able to distinguish them from others. In his first meditation, Descartes doubts many things that happen to human life. Notably, Descartes employs a rational and methodological doubt. For instance, he states that when he dreams, he is deceived by illusions that he sees in the dreams. Similarly, the insane perceive the same dreams in their waking moments. He argues that human beings are thinking beings in a position to know their minds distinctively and clearly, but have to work towards knowing their own mind. Descartes is aware of the power to reason, which he views as the basis of accepting knowledge. Descartes regards anything that is doubtful as false. He gives a critical analysis of his existence and the existence of demons. He argues that he exists because he has conceived that opinion in his mind. He clearly notes the difference that exists between “I think” and “I exist”. ...Show more


Name Institution Course Date The Views of Descartes on Rationalism Meditation is the basis of modern philosophy. The urge to identify, evaluate and prove a notion or a fact led Rene Descartes to develop his philosophical analysis of common perception that people had during his time…
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