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The topic of philosophy of the mind (dualism) which is referred to as soul has over the centuries been marred by controversy. The existence of the soul has been put to question and its relation with the body has also been put to scrutiny.


Quite a number of philosophers and researchers have attempted to come up with conclusive reports on the matter. Dualism is therefore closely associated with the views forwarded by a French philosopher, Rene Descartes who held that the mind is not a physical substance. Descartes objectively identified the human mind with a lot of awareness as well as self-consciousness. He argued that mind is very different from the brain (Robinson 85-101).This essay attempts to provide the rationale of the philosophical concept of dualism. Philosophical arguments relating to composition of dualism What then is dualism? As contained in the dialogue Phaedo, the famous Greek philosopher Plato constituted his popularly theory that relates to forms as substances that are distinct and in essence immaterial. Plato therefore put it vividly in the dialogue that the Forms are fundamentally ideal universals that enables human persons to have a comprehensive understanding of his own world. Plato's forms of dualism are demonstrates that non-physical and non-mental forms does not exist in space, time and more convincingly the mind. As argued by Plato even the human person as portrayed by Swinburne generally thinks that souls have feelings and belief. In relation to this, the body and the soul are two distinct things with no natural and meaningful connection that are features of unity. ...
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