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The Robot-Reply and the Definition of Being Human

In perception, movement, and through the imitation of human action, one might begin to believe they are seeing a sentience, but true sentience requires something more. Searle explores the idea through an examination of causality, that a being must be able to create causality for its choices through the framework of intention. In an examination of the concept of intention as it relates to the creation of sentience, the exploration of the idea of AI becomes as much a philosophical discussion as one of science. In order to discuss the concept of artificial intelligence, one must first discuss the idea of sentience. Sentience means that the thoughts of a being are directed by intention and not dictated through programmed parameters within which the thoughts have been constructed. Claudia Dreifus discussed the emergence of social robots in the M.I.T. God and Computers project with Anne Foerst, the theological advisor for the project. The need for a theological advisor comes from a need to create a discourse on the meaning of the human experience as it is being translated through a computer generated reflection of human behavior. ...Show more


Clients Name Name of Professor Name of Class Date The Robot-Reply and the Definition of Being Human The idea of artificial intelligence has a history that is as long as the history of science fiction. From the theme of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, arguably one of the first science fiction novels, the idea of human created intelligence, a sentient being created from the will of human science, has been a continuing fascination (Shelly, Panshin, Panshin, and Cook 162)…
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