Ethics and Global Climate Change

Ethics and Global Climate Change Essay example
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Running Head: ETHICS AND GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE Ethics and Global Climate Change [Name] [Course] [Professor’s name] [Date] One of the most serious problems that face the modern world is climate change. This has been a major concern for politicians of every nation in this world.


While focusing on the subject of global warming, the question arises whether the developed nations should take the greater burden of combating climate change. Climate change Greenhouse effect Global warming happens when the temperature of the earth’s surface rises. The major contribution towards global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide into the air. Global warming can cause serious climate change and can be a grave concern for the health of human beings and all other living beings on this earth. The “greenhouse effect” is considered as the principal cause of climate change. However, the contribution of greenhouse is a controversial issue. Without the effect of the greenhouse, the surface of the earth would have been much colder than the current temperature. This is one reason why greenhouse effect cannot always be considered as a problem. “The real problem is the enhanced, human-induced, greenhouse effect” (Gardiner, 2004, p.558). Major Impacts The effects of climate change can have vast impact on the biological life on this earth. Some of the impacts that have been observed so far are “melting of glaciers, changes in Arctic ecosystems, warming of lakes and rivers, effects on agriculture and forestry, sea-level rise and coastal flooding in some areas”. ...
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